Choosing A Pain Free Dentist

Pain is a motivating sensation that protects you from harm. However, the tendency to avoid pain can also backfire if it causes you to skip important dental appointments. Unfortunately, many people have negative experiences regarding dental work in their past, and the anxiety that you feel about going to the dentist could prevent you from getting critical treatments that stop your oral health problems from getting worse.

While most dentists try to do what they can to numb your mouth with injectable anesthetic, this method still tends to generate a painful sting. In fact, just the sight of the elongated needle is enough to make people want to clamp their mouth shut. Fortunately, Open Mouth Dental takes a proactive stance against pain, and you will find that the latest advances in technology have made it possible to have routine procedures such as fillings and root canals accomplished without feeling major discomfort.

What Should I Look For In a Dentist?

When you begin to look for pain free dentistry near me, you know that you do not want to worry about being uncomfortable or having another traumatizing experience in the dentist’s chair. For this reason, you need to know what you should look for in a qualified dentist that takes pain management seriously. The most important thing to look for is a dentist who demonstrates compassionate care through their practices.

For instance, you should see that your dentist uses techniques such as The Wand to stop pain and anxiety before they even start. A pain free dentist also utilizes strategies that encourage you to relax from the very first moment that you step into the office. Ideally, you should not be kept waiting for your appointment for long, and you should notice that the office staff is calm and takes the time to listen to your concerns.

Once you sit down with a new dentist, they should take the time to ask you about your past experiences. For instance, knowing that you take awhile to get numb in one area of your mouth is very important for making sure that you do not feel pain. They will also check to see if you have any allergies or other health conditions that could interfere with your comfort during treatment to that would change the type of treatment that they can provide. Oral health issues such as TMJ or gum disease require special care while you are in the chair to ensure that your treatment does not result in pain. Always be sure to disclose any pertinent information about your past oral health and experiences to ensure that you and your dentist can work together as a team.

Can I Tell Them About My Dental Fears?

Absolutely! Your dentist should always be open to hearing about your concerns, and you can trust that they have heard similar things before. Dentists are humans, too. This means that they have also sat in the chair as a patient, and they know exactly what it feels like to need a shot of anesthetic or have a drill used when they are not fully numb.

An experienced dentist should also have spent enough time working with other patients to know how to use a gentle touch along with good communication to ease pain and fear. While just telling the dentist that you fear pain is enough, you can also make this conversation more effective by letting them know about any specific concerns that you have. For instance, you might mention that you have a low pain tolerance or that you tense up every time you see a needle. Knowing these things helps your dentist explain to you how their techniques can address each one so that you stay comfortable. In fact, just talking about your fears helps to ease anxiety so that you are mentally prepared to feel no pain.

How Does Pain Free Dentistry Work?

There are several techniques that are used to control discomfort during dental treatments, and knowing about them helps you make the best choice when you go to search for pain free dentistry near me. The Wand is a new type of pain management treatment that has been developed from careful research to enhance the way that traditional injections used to be delivered.

With The Wand method, your dentist uses computer-controlled equipment to deliver the anesthetic to the necessary site in your mouth with the appropriate speed. This equipment uses a special tube that allows the anesthetic to go directly to the area surrounding the tooth that is receiving treatment, and you get the benefit of pain relief that lasts throughout the entire procedure. Most people also find that this technique provides pain relief without that awkward numbing feeling that causes you to feel uncomfortable for hours. Instead, the effects of the anesthetic go away shortly after the delivery is stopped by your dentist. This means that you can go back to work, school or your social life without feeling weird about eating or taking in public.

You’ll also enjoy knowing that The Wand provides your dentist with audio and visual feedback as they place the equipment into your mouth so that the delivery of the anesthetic is precise. The slower delivery of the medicine into your mouth also eliminates that residual shock type of pain that many people report after having a syringe and needle anesthetic administered.

Will My Treatment Really Be Pain Free?

If you’ve had a lot of dental work in the past or are really squeamish, then you may still be skeptical about how well pain free dentistry works. While everyone’s body and pain tolerance is different, this method is the latest advancement in the reduction of dental treatment discomfort. Keep in mind, however, that you always remain in control of your time in the dentist’s chair. Be sure to speak up during any part of your procedure that causes you to feel concerned, but you are also encouraged to give it a chance.

When nerve pain is eliminated during your dental treatments, the positive effects only increase. You can expect to experience less discomfort after your procedure since you will not be tensing up the ligaments and muscles in your jaw. Since relaxing during your dental procedures is critical for your post-treatment healing, taking pain free dentistry seriously is the best way to ensure your satisfaction with any type of dental treatment.

Pain free dental treatments are absolutely possible when you work with an experienced dentist who continues to undergo regular training opportunities to learn how to use equipment such as The Wand. In fact, you’ll find that knowing that your treatments are pain free encourages you to follow through with all of your recommended treatments because you are no longer afraid. By eliminating the pain factor, it becomes possible to once again have a mouth full of healthy teeth that makes you happy to smile.

You should never fear going to Open Mouth Dental when you know that you can take advantage of the latest technology for making your visits as comfortable as possible. Whether you prefer The Wand or listening to music during your treatment, you can always trust that your comfort and needs are taken care of with compassion.

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