Choosing The Best Dentist For Your Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants pretty white teeth. But the average person tends to have some yellowish stains on their teeth caused by genetics, smoking, drinking coffee or other staining beverages, eating certain foods, neglecting proper dental care and a number of other factors. Fortunately, dentists today can use power bleaching, along with a variety of other teeth whitening techniques to give people the beautiful pearly white teeth they want. But not all dentists can give every patient the results they want. Therefore, when looking for the best dentist in Philadelphia, there are a number of factors you should consider. Plus, you can turn to for some help.

1. Qualifications

When choosing a dentist to give you the teeth whitening services you want, one of the first things you should look at is their qualifications. In order to be legally allowed to provide teeth whitening services, the dentist must have the proper qualifications. A good dentist will be glad to show their diploma to you should you if you ask. Many dentists have the certificate showing they have the proper qualifications prominently displayed on the wall in their office for all to see. Most dentists are proud to show off their qualifications to make their patients confident in their services.

2. Training

To be able to safely and effectively whiten the teeth of their patients, dentists need to be properly trained. There are a number of schools and private organizations which provide dentists with the training they need. The manufacturers of teeth whitening products also provide dentists with training in the use of their products, often at little or no cost. It is in the best interest of the companies to ensure that as many dentists as possible master the techniques necessary to get optimal results from their products. Plus, the more teeth whitening techniques a dentist knows, the more patients they can serve.

3. Experience

Once you are certain the dentist you are considering for your teeth whitening has the proper training and qualifications, the next thing you need to look at is the amount of experience they have. Ideally you want to choose a dentist with many years experience. One who has successfully whitened the teeth of countless clients. This ensures they have developed the expertise necessary to handle the most challenging stains on the teeth of their patients. Plus, some patients have sensitive teeth that require special care. A dentist with lots of experience will know what to do to whiten their teeth without causing unnecessary pain or damaging the patient's teeth or gums.

4. A Good Reputation

The reputation of the dentist is also very important. It will reveal what former patients think about the quality of the work of the dentist. Ask the dentist for a list of some of their former patients. Contact a few of them and ask about their experience with the teeth whitening services of the dentist. If the majority of them give a positive opinion of the experience, then you may have found a good dentist to handle your teeth whitening. You can also do a little research online and see if there are any complaints, negative reviews or recommendations on sites like before making your decision.

5. A Variety Of Teeth Whitening Options

Another thing you should look at when selecting a dentist to whiten your teeth is the number and types of teeth whitening options they offer. If you are looking for the best dentist in Philadelphia, then that dentist will be someone that offers a variety of effective methods for whitening teeth. They will have options for people with sensitive teeth or any other type of issues that prevent them from using the most popular whitening techniques and methods. If the dentist gives you a choice of several teeth whitening methods, that should move them higher on your list of choices.

6. Customized Treatments

One of the things that can propel a dentist to the top of the list of choices you are considering is if they are able to offer you customized teeth whitening treatments. Ones designed to get your teeth white regardless of what caused them to become yellowed in the first place. If the dentist is able to examine your teeth, identify the cause of the yellowing and create an effective teeth whitening process based on your needs, that should be the dentist you choose. However, before committing to having the whitening done with that dentist, a little more research is in order.

7. Convenient Location

The location of the dentist you choose is also important. It helps if they are conveniently located close to where you live or work. This will enable you to get quickly to and from your appointments without having to disrupt your schedule too much. While being conveniently located should not be the primary reason you choose a dentist to whiten your teeth, the right location can be very helpful. It can save you a lot of time and make it possible to get to your dentist in a flash should you need to. So the location of the dentist you choose should definitely be a consideration.

8. Affordable Prices

Although the positive impact having gleaming white teeth can have on your personal and professional life is invaluable, it helps if getting your teeth whitened doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Plus, you have to make sure you can afford to get it done. So one of the most important questions you should ask any dentist you are considering is how much they charge for their teeth whitening services. Once you find a dentist that meets all of your other criteria and charges an affordable price to give you the brilliant white teeth that you want, then you should agree to let that dentist do the job.

9. Details Of The Procedure

A good dentist will take the time to explain the teeth whitening process they will be using to give you the beautiful, gleaming white teeth you want. Most dentists use a chemical solution that combines hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide to whiten their patients' teeth. Depending on the type of stains and the sensitivity of the patient's teeth, the whitening solution can have as much as 40% hydrogen peroxide. The process is safe and fast. It usually takes between an hour and 90 minutes and the patient is left with the vivid, white smile they always dreamed of having.

Whether your teeth have surface level stains from drinking coffee or because you have been eating things like tomato-based spaghetti sauce or deeper stains caused by a long-time smoking habit or some other issue, a good dentist can provide you with the teeth whitening services you need. Just be sure to verify that the dentist you choose meets the important criteria outlined above. Finding the best dentist in Philadelphia for your needs does not have to be too difficult. If you do a little research you'll be able to find a conveniently located, reputable dentist with the training, experience and affordable prices you need. Visiting can also help.

In no time at all your pretty white teeth can give your personal and professional life a boost.

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