Fear No More : Demystifying Dental Implants Misconception

The best dental implant dentist in the Philly area is Dr. Richard Eidelson. His cosmetic dentistry office in Philly has been dedicated to bringing clientele the best dental implant dentist a practice can offer. His practice does this to keep their customers smiles bright, as they love seeing their patients with full smiles, that are bright and white. The office offers a laser option for quick and easy convenience for its clientele.

Dental Implant Treatment

In the past years, there have been several worries related to getting dental implants. Fear no more. With Dr. Eidelson astounding educational background and his years of experience, rest assured that the dental implant process and the dental implant treatment will be nothing but smooth for the client at hand. Dr. Eidelson is part of the top 25 dentists currently practicing in the United States of America. That list took time and effort to get on.

He Graduated from the Temple University of Dentistry. He obtained his certificate in esthetic dentistry from the University of Minnesota. He also partakes in activities at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine Professional Development Program. By putting his efforts into is work daily he is consistently growing his knowledge in the dentistry field, but more importantly, he is helping to improve the lives of those who need dental work done. HIs dental practice offers a one-day implant option through help with our amazing modern day technology.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a form of cosmetic dentistry. They act as an alternate root in place for the tooth that is in need of replacement. They are surgically placed in the mouth just beneath the gum line. They are generally made from titanium and once in place they naturally bond with the existing bone. They can also act as a foothold for the surrounding teeth. The procedure is by far one of the safest options performed in dentistry today. These implants provide a natural feel and look once set into place in the mouth. These implants can also replace old crowns or dentures that have previously been set in place. This will allow you to have your smile again confidently and enjoy your favorite foods again.

  • Dental implants are a great way to provide an appealing, natural look that will pair with the teeth you already have.
  • Implants can help with the preservation of the surrounding teeth that it is placed next to.
  • Implants help reduce the loss of bone throughout the jaw area which helps with the overall facial structure.
  • The requirements for dental implants are healthy oral tissue and jawbone ridges.
  • Biomet Zimmer and Straumann Implants are offered at this practice.
Myths and facts about dental implants.

Here is a list of common myths related to getting dental implants placed. One of the more common myths is that they can be painful once in place. This is more so a fear than truth. The procedure itself can cause some minimal discomfort but usually, this is painless and the process is done quickly. Another common myth is that once you have this procedure you will have headaches or migraines. Not true. There is no factual evidence behind this, and once they have set into place they are completely harmless according to personnel that have received the procedure. Another great one is that they are too expensive. Yes they do have a higher cost than some of the more common procedures but they do not need to be replaced, and most practices will work with you and your budget to find something that is suitable for your personal needs. Also, a good one, caring for them is too hard. Not true either. If you know how to properly take care of the teeth you already have in your mouth then these are just the same. Floss and brush regularly. Rinse with mouthwash just as you already do. You also do not need to go to a specialist for these procedures as long as the practice if certified in that area all is well. Dental implants are not an unsafe procedure to have done. Not everyone can have this procedure done do to the requirements I stated earlier in this article. You must have a strong bone structure and healthy gums to move forward with this process.

Despite what you may have heard from fellow dentist gurus or fear-based myths you have heard through the grapevine. Please rest assured that this is one of the safest procedures offered in the modern-day practice of dentistry practice for cosmetics. Most people who consider going forth with this procedure do not go forward because of the common list of myths and more that I have not listed above. Whatever your concerns may be please reach out to your local dentist and discuss those concerns one hundred percent with them. From there, any fears or concerns regarding the procedure can be explained and brought to the surface before you make your initial decision. Get the facts and the research necessary beforehand. Do not let fear-based myths or false presumptions get in the way of you having or bettering your already great smile. That's why dentists are there, to make sure you can keep smiling just the way you were intended to do so.


Here are some points to keep in mind while making your decision.

  • Research your local dentist.- Be sure you know some of there history and experience so you can be sure they're right for you.
  • Do not listen to myths.- They will only cause your brain to overthink.
  • Know that it is safe.
  • Discuss any questions or concerns with a professional.- This will detour any fears and help get the facts straight.
  • Own your smile in the decision that makes you happy. There is no pressure, just passion to help you.

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