Tell Tale Signs of A Proficient Oral Surgeon

An oral surgeon is a specialist who has specialized in dental medicine; precisely maxillofacial surgery and general oral surgery. This type of specialization targets diagnosis, surgery, and treatment of defects, diseases, and injuries on the mouth. When faced with dental issues such as controlling dental infections or congenital defects, then an oral surgeon is your best bet to a healthy oral hygiene.

Consequently, when it comes to picking a surgeon, a simple error can be the difference between a smile and a frowned face. Over time, we have come to witness irreplaceable errors among celebrities and friends who have had routine oral surgeries done on them. These errors may range from minor problems to even death. However, there are several factors that you need to consider before picking a surgeon. Below are five tips to help you choose an ideal surgeon.

Recommendations from your dentist and friends

Before picking an oral surgeon, you have to have enjoyed the services of a general dentist. With the same careful vetting that you used to settle on your dentist, it is the same process that you need to use to pick an ideal oral surgeon. With hundreds of oral specialists, identifying top oral surgeons in Philadelphia can be a hustle. Nevertheless, the safest bet that any individual can use is by requesting a referral from their dentist. With many dental specialists advertising themselves through the internet, you can visit their websites, and social media handles to check for reviews and comments. Though not an absolute way of settling on an oral surgeon, you can also skim through several websites on the internet to check for top rated specialists around your area. Lastly, before deciding on an ideal oral surgeon in Philadelphia pa, ensure to follow up on several adverse claims since some individuals may be out there to tarnish a specialist’s reputation.

Training and experience

Before settling on an oral surgeon, it is essential to pick one who has gained extensive experience as a dental surgeon. Dr. Richard Eidelson, further argues that it is of great importance to choose a surgeon who has achieved loads of experience in carrying out your procedure. This will help you allay your fears of meeting a rookie or a quack surgeon. However, it is important to note that becoming a diplomate of the board of maxillofacial surgery, involves extensive training and experience in the dental field. In all cases, an individual must graduate from an accredited institution and be licensed to practice in the state he/she wishes. Additionally, a maxillofacial surgeon must have completed at least four years in an oral surgery residency program.

Professional bodies

In most states, dental surgeons are required by law to be a part of a professional organization. For instance, dentists are required to be part of the American Dental Association. This ensures that they are devoted to administering oral health while abiding by a code of ethics. When it comes to dental specialists such as oral surgeons; they are required to be a member of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and also American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. These organizations seek to enhance surgical excellence through training and fellowships. Though it is not an airtight proof that a surgeon is professional in his duties, being a member of a professional body may quell any questions that you might have.

Practice information

When it comes to oral hygiene, nothing wipes a smiling face as fast as the idea of malpractice flowing around your oral surgeon’s practice information. According to Forbes, it is estimated that over 17000 medical malpractices are filed every year on American courts. It further estimates that certain specialists are five times likely to be sued when compared to psychologists and pediatricians.

In line with the staggering statistics, it is advisable to carry out due diligence before jumping into conclusions. One sure way of identifying whether your dental specialist has been involved in medical malpractice is by visiting websites held by medical boards. It is noteworthy that these boards are essential in licensing and handling disciplinary cases against medical professions. Though the exact details may vary, information on felonies and misdemeanor cases will be available to the general public. In case through your investigation you learn that there has been a pattern of legal suits against your dental surgeon, then you need to tread carefully during your dental sessions.

Insurance and financing options

Financing an oral surgery may be expensive if you wish to pay from your finances. Therefore, it is prudent to enquire from your oral surgeon in Philadelphia pa, whether they’ll accept your insurance coverage. Though regulations may vary from one state to another; it is paramount to note that both Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans don’t cover dental surgeries. It is therefore prudent to pick a personal insurance plan that would include all your oral surgeries. In most instances, insurance companies don’t cover cosmetic dentistry; hence top oral surgeons in Philadelphia may decide to finance the operation or advice patients on which third-party companies may fund the surgery. Though not an ideal way to finance an oral surgery; patients can opt to use their credit cards. Howbeit, putting a large sum on your credit card may come to be burdensome when paying up.


Finding an ideal dental surgeon can be a real hustle if you have no clue on what to consider. In most cases, dentists refer their patients to surgeons that are better placed to handle their specialized operation. However, this is not enough. According to Dr. Richard Eidelson, one surest way of identifying an ideal maxillofacial surgeon is by checking their practice information. Though not all information on their practice may be available, issues on misdemeanors and felonies are occasionally mentioned on their profiles. Alternatively, you can check for a pattern of lawsuits against them. If you find that a surgeon has been coughing large sums of money to make cases “go away,” then you need to tread carefully, lest you become a victim. Lastly, you can also check their education and experience as a maxillofacial surgeon.

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