The temporomandibular joint AKA TMJ is that part of your mouth that connects the skull with the jawbones. There is one joint on each side of your jaws. During the TMJ disorder, you experience pain in that joint and the muscles that control the movements of the jaw. These pains are very severe and require urgent medical attention. In fact, you might need to go to Emergency dentist Philadelphia.

It is quite difficult to understand as to what triggered TMJ disorder in you. It may be because of some sort of jaw injury, or even due to arthritis or genetics. It is also believed that if you grind or clench your teeth you much, you might develop TMJ disorders, but there is no evidence to back this belief.

In 70-80% of the cases, the discomfort and pain of the TMJ disorder is temporary and can be cured with some care and some non-surgical treatments. In TMJ treatment Philadelphia, surgery is the last resort when everything else fails. It is a proven fact, that surgeries help a great deal in the cases of TMJ disorders and who does it better than the best TMJ specialist Philadelphia, Dr. Richard Eidelson.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorders

Here is a list of the symptoms of a TMJ disorder.

  • Tenderness and pain of the jaw
  • Pain in the TMJ
  • Severe pain around and in your ear
  • It will be painful to chew something
  • Facial pain
  • It becomes difficult to open or close your mouth with ease


Causes of TMJ Disorders

Given below are the causes that lead to TMJ disorders.

  • The TMJ is separated by a shock absorbing disk and when that disc starts to move or erode, it is then that it starts hurting.
  • If you have arthritis then also your joint can be affected due to the damaged cartilage
  • It can also be due to some other impacts like a blow or something else of the same or even more intensity.


Risk Factors

There are several risk factors attached to TMJ disorders and in case you are experiencing the symptoms, then don't be late in getting TMJ pain relief treatment in Philadelphia.

  • Jaw injury
  • Different types of arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid, to be precise
  • Certain diseases related to connective tissues that can hurt the TMJ as well
  • Chronic clenching and grinding of teeth


Treatment of TMJ Disorders

In some cases, the pain simply disappears, but if you don't get any relief in the pain, then we recommend a number of treatment options. We, at Open Your Mouth, have a number of seasoned dentists that start your treatment from the scratch and do all that it takes to help you get rid of your TMJ pain. Here is the list of TMJ pain treatments that we offer.

  • Medications
  • Therapies
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Alternative Medicine

These are treatments that are offered by us in the case of severe TMJ pain. You can choose any of these or even multiple ones, basis your condition.


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