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If you’ve been suffering from impacted teeth or are missing teeth and require implants, you may be a candidate for oral surgery.

Often teeth that have yet to emerge become improperly aligned and are sandwiched in between jawbone and gums and never properly come into view. While this is most common in molars and wisdom teeth it can also occur in other teeth. The result of these impacted teeth is painful and uncomfortable and can result in infection to the gums and damage to the jawbone. If you are suffering from impacted teeth a simple surgical procedure can remove impacted teeth and alleviate pain.

You may also qualify for oral surgery if you are missing or losing teeth and wish to receive dental implants. Implants are rooted to the jawbone in a surgical procedure and can adequately replace lost teeth.

Oral surgery is also utilized to treat various jaw related problems including TMJ and unequal jaw growth.

If you’ve been suffering from any of the above ailments and believe that you qualify for an oral surgical procedure, come visit the offices of Dr. Eidelson. In addition to all our regular dental services, Dr. Eidelson provides a complete range of basic oral surgeries, so there’s no need for additional referrals.

As with all Dr. Eidelson’s services, you are assured the quality, nurturing care of a consummate dental professional who will see to it that your surgery is a success and dental problems corrected. At our offices you will first meet with Dr. Eidelson who will explain to you every detail of your procedure and help you make an informed decision regarding surgery. Once you’ve committed to receiving a procedure we’ll make the process as easy and painless as possible.

In some cases, such as maxillofacial surgery, it may be necessary to see an additional physician. If so, Dr. Eidelson will advise you and refer you to another qualified professional, to insure you receive the best care possible.

If you feel oral surgery is right for you, call Dr. Eidelson’s office and schedule an appointment today!


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