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Jessica Thomas
Jessica T.
23:10 26 May 23
Dr Eidelson is the absolute best. One of my Veneers broke from my overbite and last minute on a Friday and holiday weekend, stopped his plans and met me at the office in 1 hour. He made sure I was comfortable, and fixed my tooth with no problem at all. He is very caring and goes above and beyond for me every visit. He worries almost as if they are his own teeth and I could not ask for a better dentist!!!
Kris Traynor
Kris T.
18:39 25 May 23
Above and beyond service:Dr. Eidleson is a true master of his craft. He does everything he can to get his patients feeling satisfied with their dental visit. He listens to his patients and makes sure the issue is fixed properly. I highly recommend him and his practice.
Patricia bennett
Patricia B.
01:07 24 May 23
I was born with bad teeth, consequently I've always hated my smile. Since the age of 10 I have had teeth broken, teeth knocked out, 4 root canals, 2 irrigations of mouth ulcers, partial gum removal, and teeth basically rotting in my head. When I was finally in a position to have what was left of my bottom teeth veneered and implants added, as well as replacing my upper bridge work which had not held up in the 10 years since having them done, I started researching dentists, and Dr Eidelson's name repeatedly came up. I made an appointment for a consultation, and discovered the reports were spot on. Dr Eidelson is a perfectionist. He doesn't stop until both of you are satisfied with the final product. He is incredibly talented and gifted when it comes to his craft. I've never known a private practice to have his state of the art facility. I'm almost ready for the implants to be capped, but I'm already smiling big and proud like I've never smiled before! I have since moved to Virginia, before the work is complete, but will continue to travel to Philadelphia after completion for regular dental care, he's the only one I trust!
Steve Warfel
Steve W.
16:19 23 May 23
Dr Eidolson is a true professional. When I first contacted him approximately 5 years ago during an emergency situation, he was able to see me immediately and expertly handled my issue. Since then he has been my primary dentist and has consistently provided extraordinary care. In addition to ongoing routine maintenance, Dr Eidolson has transformed my entire smile to absolute perfection using state of the art procedures and veneers. He and his staff are outstanding and I highly recommend this practice for all of your dental needs!
Rachel Barnes
Rachel B.
21:22 17 Mar 23
I had 20 year old veneers that needed to be replaced. I wanted to achieve a beautiful, white but natural smile. I am so happy that I went to Dr. Eidelson. He really takes the time to go through the process and ensure that you love your smile. He is very personable and welcoming but also professional. He stands behind his work and makes sure you are satisfied. I am so excited and pleased with my new smile.
Tawanda Suggs
Tawanda S.
18:58 18 Feb 23
Dr. Edleson was very professional and friendly. He was also extremely knowledgeable today.
Natalie Ho
Natalie H.
05:04 02 Feb 23
Dr. Eidelson and his team works miracles!Last weekend I suffered a serious fall and badly chipped my front tooth. I called Dr. Eidelson as a first time patient and he was able to get me an appointment within 24 hours. Not only was he extremely accommodating despite his busy schedule, he was very understanding of my emergency situation.I came in the next morning after my call, and within an hour Dr. Eidelson and his assistant Tefta fixed my tooth as if it was brand new. Not only was the outcome amazing—my tooth looked as if nothing had even happened—Dr. Eidelson made sure to thoroughly explain the procedure and what was about to be done to my mouth which I really appreciated.The front desk (shoutout to Alicia) also really cared about giving me the best price possible, and the procedure came out to be an extremely reasonable price. As a college student, I really appreciated this and it is clear that Dr. Eidelson and his team truly care about their patients.I am genuinely so grateful that I chose to call Dr. Eidelson! He and his team are experienced, talented, and compassionate people!
Carolyn Horner
Carolyn H.
14:35 29 Dec 22
Dr. Eidelson came recommended by a friend and I'm so happy with my experience so far. I came originally for Invisalign - which was a seamless process and compared to other quotes I got - much more reasonable!I then decided to get a cleaning and cavity-filling with their team and the cleaning was one of the best I've ever had! The hygienist explained everything she was doing, was personable and super thorough. Dr. Eidelson meanwhile is really realistic about what to do (and more importantly NOT to do). I always enjoy going to their office.Super clean, affordable and first-class service. Highly recommend!
Ashley Duncan
Ashley D.
01:16 02 Nov 22
Dr. Eidelson and his team are wonderful! I am a student visiting Philly for clinical rotations, and I had a bad fall and broke both of my front teeth on a Friday night. Dr. Eidelson was able to get me in on Saturday and both of my teeth were able to be repaired that day. They did an amazing job. I think they actually look better than they did before I broke them! He had me come back a few days later just to check and make sure everything was still good and that I was happy with my teeth. I appreciate them being accommodating, friendly, and ensuring that I was happy with the work they did. Their pricing was also very reasonable compared to what I've paid in the past for tooth repairs, and what other dentists would have charged on emergency basis. Overall, I had a lovely experience and I definitely recommend Dr. Eidelson's office!
Stephen Williams
Stephen W.
03:06 24 Sep 22
I’ve been going to Dr Eidelson for a many of years now and when I first went to him he started chipping away literally at all the things I needed corrected. He made me a personal promise that when he finishes with treated my teeth the correct way that I will have a beautiful smile. Today I took a picture randomly while walking down the street and I was so impressed with my smile. Thank you Dr Eidelson for not only keeping your word but showing your word!Cheers to Main Street Dentistry on 11th south
Amy Severin
Amy S.
15:23 21 Sep 22
I have been a patient of Dr Richard Eidelson at Main St. Dental for over 20 yrs. I became a patient when Dr Eidelson was willing to see me immediately on a Saturday due to an emergency caused by another dentists work.Dr Eidelson is a brilliant diagnostician and technician who regularly attends continuing education courses with his staff around the country.As a result he uses state of the art latest equipment and techniques. Dr. Eidelson then and now evaluated my whole bite, teeth and jaw issues to make sure the work he did would last and resolve my problem which the previous dentist failed to do.i have been a patient of Dr. Eidelson since then with outstanding dental care . I had a flare up last week that I thought was periodontia /gum issue which quickly progressed causing excruciating pain.Dr Eidelson again saw me immediately. Diagnosed it was cracked tooth hidden under crown that had had endodontia / root canal previously. Dr Eidelson referred me to top oral surgeon to remove tooth n crown rather than removing it himself due to proximity to my sinuses. He has relationships with outstanding specialists and in rare cases when he feels they would b needed makes excellent referrals. Dr. Eidelson personally called the oral surgeon to do this complicated extraction of my back upper molar and was able to get an appointment for me with the oral surgeon immediately due to his relationship.What a blessing. Dr Eidelson and his staff offer full service dentistry , a treatment plan and maintenance as well as complex specialty procedures. They evaluate and consult w each case and are the most thorough I have ever met.I come from a family of top dentists in Ohio who r now retired and some deceased therefore I am a connaisseur of dentistry. I highly trust and recommend Dr Eidelson and his team. they care about their patients and go above and beyond in every way.
Stephen Hoy
Stephen H.
13:35 21 Sep 22
Well for one thing I cracked my front tooth during Covid and Dr Eidelson was one of the only emergency spots open! It took a lot of visits to get the caps right but only because Dr Edielson cares about what they look like and that you are 110% happy with the final result 99% wouldn’t be good enough for him!! Everyone in the office was absolutely amazing and you always feel very taken care of! 10 out of 10 would definitely recommend 🙂
Joanne Michael
Joanne M.
18:24 06 Sep 22
Dr. Eidelson did my veneers a few years ago and I couldn't be happier. I constantly get compliments on my smile. He and his staff are wonderful to work with. I highly recommend his dental practice!
James Valentine
James V.
17:20 16 Aug 22
I have a smile now at 66 years old that I didn't have at 26! Dentistry has come a long way, and Dr. Eidelson is at the forefront. Thank you to Lisa and Meagan for handling me with care. Long live Main Street Dental!
16:11 12 Aug 22
My childhood dentist was not a great guy. He filled my mouth with fillings I'm convinced was a money making decision. Dr. Eidelson is exact opposite. I have been seeing Dr. E. for about 12 years. I will never need to look for another dentist. The atmosphere of his practice is like visiting family. There is laughter and kind words. I actually enjoy going to the dentist. Who every gets to say that? Dr. Eidelson cares not only about my dental health, but also my ability to absorb the cost of certain procedures. He's flexible, professional, kind, and gentle.
Katie Greene
Katie G.
21:25 18 Mar 22
I am so lucky I have stumbled into Dr. Eidelson and his team as a new resident in Philly! They were able to work me in quickly for a dental concern (next day!) and have been thorough in setting timely follow up appointments for procedures and cleanings. I have now been to the South Street and University City offices and have received exemplary care at both practices. Keep up the great work, team!
Dan Nau
Dan N.
15:14 15 Feb 22
It's been a Dad joke for as long as I've been alive that "not a single person enjoys going to the dentist" but the good Doctor and his staff make the opposite true. So I considered additional ways to make use of their services. I'm currently 2 visits into in-office whitening and it's going great (shoutout Meghan) The good doctor said to me that if I'm not happy with how white the teeth are after 3 visits, he'd have me back in for a 4th, no problem. Gotta love a business that stands behind the product & service they offer. Appreciate you all
Sandra Gregg
Sandra G.
14:28 22 Jan 22
Friendly, patient. Staff is great
Christopher Boecher
Christopher B.
17:20 27 Jul 21
Great staff! super friendly
Mo #2
Mo #.
01:38 20 Jul 21
I have been a patient of Dr. Eidelson for over 15 years. He is a great dentist and i recommend him to anyone looking for a new dentist. He just did my first implant and yes, I felt the sticker shock but his charges were similar to what my research said it would cost. He uses cutting edge tech, I feel confident Im getting good quality denistry and he will always fit me in if I have an emergency. He makes me laugh too!
Laveet Aulakh
Laveet A.
19:37 10 Jun 21
The best part about Dr. E & his team is they are very attentive to your needs. I had a crown done here and would recommend them for this procedure. It took two tries to get the crown right and I like a dentist who tries until both he & I are satisfied with the result. I told Dr. E something didn’t feel right after the first fitting and he bought me back in to take a look and adjust the crown to better fit me. His assistant Meghan was very professional and caring throughout the process which is what I look for when I’m getting something like this done. I am glad this was the team that took care of me.
Rachel Smith
Rachel S.
04:40 02 Jun 21
5 stars for each and every time I have visited this office over the past 3 1/2 years. I am not an easy dental patient. I have had head trauma and tons of dental issues throughout my life. Dr. Richard Eidelson AND his amazing staff have been gems. Dr. E spends time explaining treatments & options. He is present and thoughtful. He listens. He is pragmatic & his work stands up and holds up. His staff are rock stars. I seriously have not interacted with a warmer & efficient staff ever. It’s just such a blessing to go to a place and have dental work that normally gives one so much anxiety! Can you say you look forward to going to your dentist?
Melanie Simons
Melanie S.
13:48 17 Oct 20
I was looking for a new dentist and a friend recommended Dr. Eidelson. I couldn't have been more happy with my experience at his office. After the most thorough dental exam I've ever received, I was told I had to get an extensive cleaning done but was moving out of the city within the week. Dr. Eidelson and his staff worked with my tight schedule to squeeze me in for several appointments so that I could get the care that I needed. Dr. Eidelson is honest, takes time to explain what is going on, and its clear he has your best interests at heart. Additionally, during this crazy time I felt very COVID safe in the office, as the staff is taking all the necessary precautions.
Mike Sehl
Mike S.
16:06 10 Oct 20
The professionalism of Dr. Eidelson and his staff is outstanding. I went in for a cleaning and a new crown for my implant. During these times of COVID I can tell you that all the precautions were taken by everyone on staff. From temperature taking down to wearing masks and shields, gloves, and so on. They put me at ease very quickly. I couldn't ask for a better experience! Everyone on staff is absolutely amazing. I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done for me and anyone else who walks through their doors. Thank you ALL for providing an experience that is second to none!!!!
Blake Gilbert
Blake G.
15:00 06 Aug 20
From top to bottom, Dr. Eidelson and his team are the best. I have been a pain to work with due to my work schedule. No matter how many times I reschedule or cancel, Dr. Eidelson never takes it personally and understands that life gets hectic. He will call you personally and discuss things with you, I have never had that before. He's flexible, understanding, and does excellent work. I'm a tough critic, so trust me he's the best.
Ashley Wiegner
Ashley W.
21:07 12 Feb 20
I went to Dr. Eidelson for a few years until I moved out of Philadelphia. This was the first dentist I ever enjoyed going to and it made a big difference in my dental health. Really miss the excellent service I received and highly recommend him to anyone especially people nervous/scared about going to the dentist.
21:13 10 Feb 20
I started going to Dr. Eidelson 10 years ago with a dental emergency. He was able to see me right away. Great teeth don't run in my family. Ever since my first visit Dr. Eidelson has gone above and beyond to transform my difficult teeth into something I can be confident in. With his great team of extremely competent dental assistants, hygienists, and dental surgeons he has been able to solve every issue that has arisen. This includes fillings, crowns, and implants all without changing offices. He has been so great that I got my husband to receive his gingivitis treatment in his office. I am confident that Dr. Eidelson always has my best interests in mind and he has been flexible in the past when money was tight. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
Laurinda Rainey
Laurinda R.
17:58 18 Jan 20
Dr Eidelson and his entire staff are AMAZING!! From my very first visit, his entire staff has been extremely welcoming and attentive. Once I started my journey with Invisalign, they have patiently explained every step along the way. Given my busy travel schedule, they have also been EXTREMELY accommodating and responsive to emails to ensure that I stay on the right path with my journey to straight teeth.At one point, I dropped trays on the floor at a friend’s house and then forgot the next set of trays at my office before a work trip. When I went in to let them know I had taken a few steps back on my trays given all of these challenges, they give me tools to sterilize the trays that I dropped and help me understand the plan to get back on track. They are such a huge blessing! I would give them ten stars if possible 😊
Kelly Lynn
Kelly L.
01:53 17 Jan 20
I have been a patient of Dr Eidelson’s for the past 4 years. Recently, I had a crown placed. There were multiple complications afterwards. Dr Eidelson never gave up and continued to work with me in order to save the tooth and get the crown placed permanently. I can’t thank him and his office staff enough, always accommodating to my schedule and genuinely concerned about me.
Charles Evans
Charles E.
23:34 07 Dec 19
Me and my family have been coming here for a couple of years now I have everything done from routine check ups to implants. I can tell you I feel like family every time I come. I highly recommend this practice!!!!
Barbara Tendler
Barbara T.
21:17 03 Nov 19
High tech clean office and takes PPO office.
Jonathan Edelman
Jonathan E.
18:53 01 Sep 19
Great office, very friendly and capable staff... came in for a major issue and was treated quickly, successfully and without undue burden
Sophia Hendler
Sophia H.
15:38 22 Aug 19
I just had a recent visit at Dr. Eidelson's to get a whitening and a cleaning done. It was a great experience and I didn't have to wait at all. Although Dr. Eidelson isn't in close proximity to my house, I continue to come to his office and make the commute in order to get good dental care. I feel comfortable with not only Dr. Eidelson, but his staff included. They are welcoming, and Meg is always helpful and flexible during the few times that I have needed to reschedule. I give Main Street Dental five stars because of the positive experience i continue to have. I would recommend them to any friend or family!
David Kroblen
David K.
15:09 12 Apr 19
Dr. Eidelson and the entire staff.. Tefta, Meg, Lisa, Lisa, Stewart are THE BEST! Growing up I have never like going to the dentist and never really like any of my past dentist's until I found Dr. Eidelson. Now I actually love everyone in his office. If you want a dentist that truley cares about every one that walks in. This is the place to go! They have made my family feel that I am truly part of him family. I have beem seeing Dr. Eidelson for at least 10yrs now.
Clayton Fortna
Clayton F.
23:28 18 Mar 19
Honestly, I choose this place based on its proximity to my house, but it’s awesome. A nice, very clean office with a super friendly, proficient staff. I had some crown work done by Dr Eidelson and his work was meticulous! He and his staff are compassionate and very helpful. I would highly recommend this location to anyone looking for a dentist!
Christopher Neely
Christopher N.
14:31 07 Feb 19
I needed a new night-guard/retainer for sleep bruxism and to keep my teeth in line. The first one Dr. Eidelson had made wasn't exactly what I was looking for, so he sent off my old one (from a previous dentist) to the lab and asked them to recreate it as closely as possible. The second one was exactly what I was looking for, and he let me keep both for the price of one. He really cares about making his patients happy and went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied with the product.
Shaina Williams
Shaina W.
15:50 14 Jan 19
I could write a paragraph detailing my encounter w each person on the staff or I could just assure you that this is where you want to be. From the moment I walked through the door I was met by an amiable, professional and caring team. 5 stars is an understatement.
Josh Lippert
Josh L.
19:09 08 Nov 18
Great dentist! Did Clear Correct and in a few short months a tooth that was totally pushed behind other was realigned! Would definitely recommend. Staff is always wonderful to work with as well!
maggie haviland
maggie H.
17:46 10 Oct 18
Dr. Eidelson is simply the best and most caring doctor I have ever worked with!! As a wedding present, Dr. Eidelson gave my fiance and I FREE teeth whitening before our wedding. It is the small, thoughtful acts like that that Dr. Eidelson is always doing for his patients. He goes above and beyond the call of dentistry by making each patient feel like family.
Christine Maldero
Christine M.
21:01 01 Sep 18
Everyone from my first phone call to my last checkup was wonderful! Friendly, patient and caring staff. Financially, they were considerate and helped me with pricing since my procedure was going to be expensive due to gum disease. The entire process was smooth, my teeth are healthier than they have been in years in just a months time. I am very grateful for my overall experience. Thank you for helping me and saving my gums/teeth for an affordable price!
Bear _SSL
Bear _.
14:23 07 Aug 18
I had chipped a front tooth on a Sunday, called on Monday to see when they could take me in for an emergency appointment and they were able to see me first thing Tuesday morning. Top class service and a wonderful professional staff! Highly recommend.
Lisa Sloan
Lisa S.
17:45 27 Jul 18
I keep returning to Dr. Richard Eidelson's office even though I don't live in the area anymore. He is the only dentist who is able to correctly deal with my problematic issues. He is a master at what he does and after seeing different dentists, he's the only one I trust.
Taha Shafa
Taha S.
15:58 13 Jul 18
I came into this office with an open contact from sloppy dental work provided by another dentist. This office was extremely nice and accommodating. They accurately assessed the issue and fixed the open contact that was causing me pain for over a year. It was clear the entire time I was there that they were not merely concerned with conducting the procedure, but they took special care and attention to make sure the procedure was done properly. Because of Dr. Eidelson and everyone that works here, I can finally eat food comfortably on the left side of my mouth without worrying about pain surging into my gums. I highly recommend this dentist.
Anthony Stansbury
Anthony S.
19:31 05 Jul 18
Dr.Eidelson is the best doctor on city!If need a good dentist come and see doctor Eidelson he is the only one you can trust!!!!
Jonathan Sabino
Jonathan S.
14:00 02 Jul 18
I've had a great experience with Dr. Eidelson and his staff. It started 5 years ago when I chipped a front tooth while biking. It occurred on a Saturday and I called the office on Sunday. Dr. Eidelson was able to get me in on Monday morning. We were able to take care of the tooth immediately and I was even able to have a root canal prior to an international flight on Monday night.Since then, I had a crown put in but I managed to break the tooth under the crown. Dr. Eidelson tried to save the tooth by inserting a post but I broke that too. Finally, in the fall of 2017, we decided that it would be best to remove the tooth and put in an implant.After multiple visits and great work by the staff to keep me looking normal, I have the implant and I am very happy about it.Dr. Eidelson did all that he could to save the tooth. His staff was professional, accommodating and really focused on how my teeth looked. I travel back and forth from Boston and they always managed to get me in when needed.If you are looking for a dentist that really cares, Dr. Eidelson and his team will deliver.
Maria McNichol
Maria M.
15:18 21 Jun 18
Dr. Eidelson and his team are the best. I originally went to him after a decade being out of dental care, due to a bad experience in my early twenties. Then I chipped a tooth and needed a dentist ASAP. Dr Eidelson was recommended to me by a friend and was able to squeeze me in, same day, and fixed my chipped tooth. He then came up with a treatment plan to get me caught up on 10 years of neglected dental care. That was 3 years ago. Since Dr. Eidelson and his team have straightened my teeth with invisible braces, addressed my gum disease with scaling treatment, filled my cavities, and replaced 2 crowns that were put on when I was a kid. I have never been happier or more confident with my teeth and smile (and relieved that I finally got back into dental care). A million thank yous to Dr. Eidelson and the team. Would strongly recommend to anyone who needs a dentist.
Toye Greene
Toye G.
12:46 15 Jun 18
I met Dr Edelson back in 2011 while battling breast cancer in the third stage I must mention that I did not have any dental coverage he created an affordable payment plan for me that helped me correct the problems that were going on in my mouth I am currently still a patient of Dr Edelson still without any dental coverage maintaining my oral hygiene on a very affordable payment plan that Dr Edelson has developed for me. Dr Edelson is a great dentist very honest kind and most of all empathic he is very hands on and willing to help in anyway I am so grateful to him as my dentist.
John-Paul Spiro
John-Paul S.
14:16 13 Jun 18
Dr. Eidelson is an amazing dentist. I can't recommend him enough.First of all, he's incredibly good at his work. He responds to your particular problems and customizes his approach based on your specific needs. He has developed many innovative ways of practicing dentistry that are easier on the patient, less expensive, and just simply better than what other dentists do. I have gone to dentists who just did whatever would be the most costly treatment or they just had a one-size-fits-all approach. Dr. Eidelson thinks about what's best for you, not for him. He's highly respected by his peers.He is also very kind and very sweet. Everyone in his office seems to get along and like each other, and you just feel very cared for when you're there. The other dentists in the office and the assistants all talk about how much they have learned and how much they like working there. He also does a lot of work for charity, and he goes to poor countries and helps people who have no access to dental care.Dr. Eidelson is also great at explaining what he's going to do and giving you the right preparation. He doesn't do too much all at once, so you get time to recover from any difficult procedures. He minimizes your pain and discomfort, so even if he has to do something serious, you get through it okay and you feel like he knows what he's doing.Most importantly for me, Dr. Eidelson knows how dental insurance works and he will do all he can to minimize your out-of-pocket costs. He once rescheduled an appointment with me because he realized it would be cheaper if I saw him a month later than we originally planned. He gave me the option of having the earlier appointment, but he explained to me that I could save a lot of money if I took the later appointment. I don't think many other dentists would do that.All of this is just to say that he's a great dentist and a great guy. He should be your dentist.
Abby Schottenfels
Abby S.
21:45 27 Apr 18
I went to Dr. Eidelson last week very upset because my front tooth had awful brown staining ruining my perfect smile. Dr Eidelson was goofy and calmed my nerves with jokes. I in turn joked that I could coach him on his bedside manner if he would fix my tooth. He offered to talk to my mother on the phone as I explained to her what he was saying while in tears. (even though i am 27) He said he didn’t know what the answer was but he was sure he could figure it out. Sure enough, I became a patient, and a week later got a teeth cleaning better than ever before, With the use of a fancy special water pick- I was good as new!!! I will never go to the mall dentist again. Now I’m still considering the bleaching as an extra, but only because I know I can put my faith is Dr. Eidelson and co! If only he could stay at the center city location ....
Giovanni Virgi
Giovanni V.
03:57 30 Oct 17
Searching for a dentist Well u found the best!! you'll never go wrong not only the fact that he does amazing work he also goes above and behind and is staff is just as amazing as he is I highly recommend him!!
Sarah Morris
Sarah M.
19:21 23 Sep 17
Dr. Eidelson is always super personable and accommodating. I chipped my front tooth with my sister's Florida wedding only 2 weeks away. He was able to get me in almost immediately and went out of his way to help me and get my tooth fixed before the big event. He and his associates did a great job! Since I had previously chipped the same tooth, my insurance would not cover the new filling so he gave me a great price knowing I'd have to pay out of pocket. I would highly recommend Dr. Eidelson to anyone!
alex kennedy
alex K.
12:04 31 Jul 17
Best PErson I guess
Ayomikun oguntokun
Ayomikun O.
07:33 27 Jul 17
Best in industry
Chris DeAngelis
Chris D.
18:38 25 Jul 17
Dr. Eidelson is the best; we travel from New Jersey to see him. He is compassionate and caring, making us feel like family. From caps to crowns he has kept our family in the best oral health for many years. He and his team are a treasure.
Dawn Fiordimondo
Dawn F.
17:37 23 Jul 17
Best dentist ever
Angels Of Care
Angels Of C.
17:38 13 Jul 17
Very happy with Dr Eidelson's work. He and his staff provided professional care and in the end I was very pleased with my implants. I would definitely recommend this dentist.
Michael Kundrat
Michael K.
15:57 13 Jul 17
Very knowledgeable and transparent about his work. He has a great staff around him that always keeps a welcoming environment.
alexander Vazquez
alexander V.
18:25 11 Jul 17
What an amazing experience. I recently cracked my front tooth almost in half and called dr.edelsons office i recieved a next day appointment and was out of there in 30 mins with a brand new smile.
Barry Vacker
Barry V.
19:20 10 Jul 17
In my several visits to Dr. Eidelman's office, I have found him to be an excellent dentist who is up with the latest in dental technologies and practices. He is flexible on short notice for emergencies: chipped filling, etc. Plus, his staff is very friendly and helpful. Finally, Dr. Eidelman seems like a nice guy and is fun to talk to while at the office.
Ms Mickelle
Ms M.
14:03 08 Jul 17
Dr. E and his friendly staff are the BEST!!
Cassandra T
Cassandra T
19:42 05 Jul 17
Best dental experience I've ever had!The office was clean and spacious, and Dr. Eidelson was absolutely wonderful. He is very experienced and professional, and he also has a great personality. He will never push you into getting a procedure like other dentists do. I was presented with all of my options and together we determined what the best plan of action was for me. There was little to no discomfort during my procedure and I couldn't be happier with my result!Dr. Eidelson puts your needs first (including your financial needs) and makes the entire process feel relaxed and stress-free.I have been to several dental offices and this was by far the very best. Give them a try if you can!Plenty of parking too!
Lauren vecchiolli
Lauren V.
20:15 29 Nov 16
He is absolutely fabulous! I was always nervous about going to the dentist until I started going to see Dr. Eidelson! He takes great care of not only me but my family as well!
Steve Britten
Steve B.
15:20 28 Nov 16
The staff is great here and goes out of the way to make you comfortable. I've been to a few different dentists in Philadelphia because of an insurance change, but for the last year and a half have stuck with Dr. Eidelson's practice.THe office is really clean and well run and a lot more tech savvy than the last guy i went to - they use digital xrays and computer 3-d views of your mouth. The dental assistants are really thorough and take a lot of time for regular checkups and teeth cleaning - and Dr. Eidelson also takes his time and is great at explaining or answering any questions.And the best thing is they have Saturday hours - very convenient! I can highly recommend this place.
Adriana DiStanislao
Adriana D.
22:13 25 Sep 14
Considering my complicated dental history, calling Dr. Eidelson's office was one of my better decisions this past year. I was born missing both of my adult lateral incisors and received a temporary fix from a local dentist who did not do much cosmetic dentistry. For roughly 11 years I had temporary filling that helped make my canines look similar to what lateral incisors should look like. While this sounds like an easy resolution, this temporary filling would stain easily, broke on multiple occasions, and had a negative impact on my level of confidence.When I was finally ready to have the teeth fixed permanently, I stumbled upon Dr. Eidelson's contact information while looking for cosmetic dentists within the Philadelphia area. Upon initial consultation in his office, I was immediately comfortable. He took the time to get to me know me, explained in detail what my options were, the timeline of the process, and answered all of my questions thoroughly. Not to mention, his staff members, including receptionists & dental hygienists, were extremely friendly and welcoming to me as a new patient. They are all extremely efficient, hardworking, and take time to get to know their patients (which to me is rare and very important as a patient).Needless to say, the work he did was phenomenal. I could not be happier with my smile and what it has done for my confidence level. I would refer him to anyone in need of dental services, cosmetic dentistry, dental procedures, etc. Dr. Eidelson and his team are great and it is guaranteed to be an enjoyable and comfortable experience!
Lisa Palmer
Lisa P.
14:47 08 Sep 14
I came here on an emergency appointment based on a friend's reference after I had chipped my tooth. Having never been here before, I was expecting a lot of run-around and unnecessary fees. I was pleasantly surprised to find quite the opposite. I was seen right away and they took care of my tooth so efficiently and friendly that I immediately scheduled an appointment for a cleaning. I normally can't stand the dentist but this place makes you feel comfortable and at home, like old friends. I would highly recommend this place for their excellent work and professional & friendly manner.
Sandra Johnigan
Sandra J.
14:51 27 Aug 13
Dr. Eidelson's assistance on Saturday, August 3, 2013 was priceless. I had snapped my front tooth off at the gum line while traveling to Philadelphia for a weekend of wedding festivities. And I had business meetings in Denver the following Monday and Tuesday. I was frantic, yet knew that the likelihood of finding help was low. He certainly saved the weekend and my business meetings on Monday and Tuesday.His work was done quickly, creating a temporary tooth and bonding it in place so that I could continue with my schedule. He was willing to stay after hours on Saturday and handled the procedure without staff available. His care for my plight and his skill were equally appreciated.His temporary fix is still intact. My Dallas dentist said that Dr. Eidelson "did good". The bottom line is that Dr. Eidelson's emergency help allowed me to participate in a very special set of family events on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon that I would have been hesitant to have attended. And, my client never knew I had an issue that would have distracted them at this critical time in our case.I highly recommend this kind and skilled dentist.
J Lee
J L.
21:21 15 Aug 13
I first came to Dr. Eidelson’s office on South Street a few years ago after visiting and researching a few other dentists in the city. He has a very warm and welcoming office with a very professional staff. They have an office on 11th & South which I normally go to but I just visited his new office on 15th and JFK which is better for me since I work at 17th and Market and can “sneak” an appointment in if need be.Dr. Eidelson is quiet possible the best dentist I have ever met. Not only is he at the top of his industry, he takes the time to make you feel comfortable and explain everything. I have an under bite and many people told me to just get orthognathic surgery to fix my smile. Dr. E worked out a treatment plan to help my smile without surgery. Also they gave me my first cleaning where I felt completely relaxed and no pain. I normally dread going to the dentist but after working with Dr. E and his staff I actually look forward to it. Dr. Eidelson has actually worked on a lot of high profile individuals as well. My mother actually flew out from Southern California to have Dr. Eidelson help her with veneers. Another important thing is that he always stands by his work.
Donielle Powell
Donielle P.
14:33 14 Jun 13
I’ve been a patient for a little over a year and I couldn't be happier with the outcome and experience of my dental work with Dr. Eidelson. My first appointment was for an unexpected breakage to my tooth. What could have been an overwhelming experience was quite the opposite. Dr. Eidelson and his staff walked me through the treatment process, what to expect, as well as, creating a comprehensive treatment plan for my overall oral care.Everyone at the office is not only friendly and sociable, but also deeply care about the quality of treatment and maintain the highest standards in the final product. (I’ve actually stopped in with my husband for his appointments, and Dr. Eidelson has checked on my teeth just to make sure that his work remains to his standards.) This is a forward thinking dental practice in both the services offered to patients, new technologies used in the exam rooms and the overall experience of the visit. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist.
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