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Custom made full or partial dentures, and denture fitting.

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Custom Made Dentures

Our Philadelphia dentures are an excellent option for efficiently replacing all of your missing teeth. Dr. Eidelson’s attention for detail ensures both a comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing prosthesis that enhances everything from your smile to your day-to-day activities.

Full Arch Dentures (“Plates”)

Traditional “full” dentures replace all of the teeth in one arch (upper or lower) at the same time. The acrylic base rests directly against your soft tissues to create a seal that supports day-long wear. We can adjust the shape and color of teeth on your dentures to compliment your smile’s appearance.

Removable Partial Dentures

Do you still have a few stable, healthy teeth? Instead of extracting them, Dr. Eidelson can fit you with a partial denture that fits around them. The advantage of preserving natural teeth is beneficial for both your facial profile as well as the support of your new prosthesis.

Depending on your preferences and oral anatomy, a partial denture can be designed from a sturdy metal framework or a more flexible acrylic base.

Implant-Supported Denture Options

Can dentures been installed on top of dental implants? Absolutely! As an experienced implant dentist in Philadelphia, Dr. Eidelson often incorporates dental implants into some of our denture treatment cases. Implant supported dentures can “snap” onto the anchoring implants for added support throughout the day. This option works well for people who find it especially challenging to achieve a snug or comfortable fit due to narrow bone or unique circumstances.

Where Function and Beauty Meet

Tooth loss can significantly impact everything from your diet to your facial profile. With the loss of teeth comes a lack of structural support under your lips and cheeks, creating a sallow or sunken-in appearance. Through careful design, a high-quality set of custom dentures will help support your facial structures as it fills in the space created by missing teeth.

If you’re looking for dentures in Philadelphia, we’ll incorporate a cosmetic approach that takes your full facial profile into consideration. From the unique hue of your new smile to how it impacts your speech and edit, not a detail goes overlooked.

Caring for Your New Prosthesis

Proper maintenance will help you get the most out of your new denture. Removable appliances should be removed nightly and soaked in a lukewarm effervescent cleanser. Brush and rinse away any remaining residue the next morning. Clean your mouth with a soft toothbrush or washcloth before putting your denture back in.

Over time it’s natural for the shape of your mouth to gradually change. You’ll likely notice differences in the way your denture fits. When that happens, contact Main Street Dental Center City for an adjustment or denture reline.

Custom Dentures in Philadelphia

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