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Although or top priority is to preserve your natural teeth as long as possible, there are times where that may not be an option. When teeth are non-restorable and a risk to their neighbors, the best thing to do is have them removed.

Our gentle tooth extractions in Philadelphia can be performed with technologically advanced anesthetic delivery (The Wand) that only numbs one tooth at a time. Or if you’re especially anxious, we also offer in-office dental sedation upon request.

“Should I Have My Tooth Extracted?”

There are a variety of scenarios where a dental extraction may be best for your oral health. For instance, perhaps you have a severely decayed tooth without adequate structure to support a dental crown. Or maybe you were seriously injured, and the root of the tooth is fractured. Extractions are also preferred for advanced periodontal disease or when severe, painful infections are a concern.

Most dental extractions are due to some type of emergency. Ultimately our dentist in Philadelphia will want to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. But if your tooth can be preserved through another measure — such as endodontic treatment — we will recommend an alternative therapy in lieu of pulling your tooth.

Dr. Eidelson will order a small X-ray of your tooth to assess its full root anatomy (and the areas around it) before determining whether an extraction is the next best step.

Something to Keep in Mind

It’s extremely important to replace your extracted tooth as soon as possible. Otherwise, the extra space that’s created can lead to alignment problems in your overall smile. In turn, it can raise your risk of premature wear, gum disease, and TMJ disorder.

Most of our Philadelphia tooth extraction cases are followed up with a dental implant or bridge. Denture options are also available. With over three decades of experience in oral rehabilitation, Dr. Eidelson can review the best options for your specific circumstances and guide you through the decision process.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

One of the most common types of tooth extractions is wisdom tooth removal. Typically, if wisdom teeth are going to cause issues, you’ll see symptoms sometime between the teen years and mid-20s. Common issues include pain, swelling, crowding (due to pressure from your wisdom teeth), and infections in your back teeth.

If your wisdom teeth are compromising the health of your smile, Dr. Eidelson will recommend having them extracted. Early screenings and diagnostic scans will make it possible to prescribe proactive removal if you’re at a high-risk for future complications.

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