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Smile Reconstruction Procedures

When it comes to restorative or reconstructive dentistry, very few offices do it better than Main Street Dental - Center City Philadelphia. Dr. Richard Eidelson has been reconstructing smiles and replacing missing teeth since graduating from UCLA's Postgraduate Certificate Program on Implant Dentistry in 2004. Countless patients of Dr. Eidelson's have benefited from the advanced technology that makes dental implants possible. We offer single and multiple missing tooth replacement using dental implants, as well as full-arch implants. On top of offering implants, Dr. Eidelson can also work with patients to find a better fit with their existing dentures, or get patients into their first set of needed dentures.

Additional Restorative Dentistry Procedures Include:

Dentures - Full or partial dentures can be made for those missing most or all of their teeth. In the case that all teeth need to be removed, Dr. Eidelson can perform the necessary extractions under sedation and get you on your way to your first set of dentures. We can also help patients with badly fitting dentures or patients in need of a partial denture.

Dental Bridges - If you're missing multiple teeth in a row, or have large gaps where multiple teeth should be, a dental bridge could be the right solution for you. Dental bridges are best when supported by dental implants if possible. The implant would be inserted on 2 points into existing bone structure, followed by a crown that "bridges" the gap between the implants.

Full-Arch or Implant Supported Dentures - For those patients that have the means and want a more secure and permanent solution, full arch implants are a fantastic option. This procedure can be done in different ways to fit the needs and budget  of each patients. However, the benefits over traditional dentures are unparalleled. Implants allow you to eat what you want, when you want, and help patients to speak normally and clearly.

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