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Treating temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), and other jaw pain.

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Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is responsible for thousands of motions per day. Located just in front of either ear, these joints work as a pair to move your lower jaw throughout the day.

Between chewing meals, talking on the phone, and laughing at your kids, your TMJ joints are probably some of the most-used of your entire body. When they don’t function properly it can lead to a serious impact on your day-to-day activities. For TMJ jaw pain relief in Philadelphia, call our and dental office to schedule a consultation.

Symptoms Of TMJ Disorder

Clinical TMJ disorder (TMD/TMJD) is a chronic condition that significantly impacts your joint motion. Some of the more frequent symptoms include:

  • Limited range of motion
  • Pain when biting or chewing
  • Popping or clicking noises in your TMJ
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Irregular tooth wear and alignment
  • Muscle pain through your face, scalp, neck, shoulders, and back
  • Earaches

TMD is also linked to conditions like sleep apnea and bruxism (clenching, grinding habits.)

Although it’s common for most people to experience TMJ pain at one point or another — particularly if there’s a traumatic injury or stress involved — only a small percentage of individuals have clinical TMD.

If you have missing or significantly misaligned teeth, your jaw may be compromising for it. Over time, chewing on one side of your mouth or having to move your TMJ irregularly can lead to chronic discomfort and joint damage.

Treatment For TMJD/TMD

Most of our Philadelphia TMJ treatments will involve bite splint therapy. Therapeutic bite splints help to naturally relax your TMJ by placing a small amount of space between your upper and lower teeth, preventing your joint from fully engaging. If you’re someone who has a stressful work or home life, wearing a bite splint can take some of the force off of your mouth when you’re subconsciously clenching your teeth. This protective measure is especially important for nighttime clenching and grinding.

By naturally easing muscle tension, you can train the muscles around your TMJ to relax (instead of tense up so much). Consequently, you’ll see less fatigue in and around your joint.

Bite splints for TMJ can be designed for nighttime or daytime wear. Dr. Eidelson will discuss your symptoms and risk factors to help you select the best treatment option. All you need to get started is an impression of your teeth!

TMJ Exams in Philadelphia, PA

Our practice is equipped with state-of-the-art imaging, including 3D scans. These high-resolution images make it possible to evaluate every angle of your TMJ, as well as inside of the joint itself. Dr. Eidelson can determine if the cause of your TMJ pain is due to structural damage or whether it hurts because of a corresponding condition.

If you’re in pain or can’t eat without taking extremely small bites, call Main Street Dental Center City to reserve an exam.

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