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Correct simple blemishes, chips and cracks with cosmetic tooth bonding.

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Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

Do you have a small flaw in one of your teeth? Something as minor as a tiny chip in your enamel, surface stain, or even a slight gap can detract from your smile’s overall appearance. Being able to quickly erase the signs of such irregularities can dramatically enhance the way your entire smile looks. That’s exactly what our Philadelphia cosmetic bonding treatments do.

Why Dental Bonding?

Best Philadelphia cosmetic dentist, Dr. Richard Eidelson, uses dental bonding to cover small surface flaws and rebuild minor areas of lost tooth structure. Similar to white fillings, bonding material matches the natural color of your anatomical teeth. So, when something like porcelain veneers or ceramic crowns are too excessive for the situation, dental bonding is typically the best choice.

Bonding is a minimally-invasive treatment that can typically be placed on patients of all ages. When cosmetic flaws are minimal, bonding provides one of the safest ways to enhance your smile as a whole. Erasing specific irregularities in your teeth naturally complements the appearance of your overall appearance.

Efficient, Gentle Results

Having a tooth bonded typically requires one visit and less than 30 minutes. The composite material is shaped to your tooth by hand, essentially re-building that specific area. In most scenarios, the entire procedure can be completed without the use of local anesthetic. But if you do have sensitive teeth, we can use our computerized anesthesia delivery system (The Wand) to numb the specific tooth that’s being treated.

Part of Your Smile Makeover

Our cosmetic dental bonding in Philadelphia can be used alongside of other services, including professional teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, and dental implants. Just keep in mind that if you plan to whiten your teeth in the future, your restoration will need to be updated with a brighter shade of material.

If you’re hesitant about taking the steps toward a more advanced cosmetic plan, bonding provides the perfect alternative!

A Cost-Effective Cosmetic Dentistry Option

The cost of dental bonding is relatively low, making it one of the more affordable cosmetic treatments we offer. Pairing bonding with other affordable options like whitening can make a dramatic impact on your smile if you’re not quite ready to invest in something like veneers.

However, bonding isn’t recommended if there is significant structural damage or large areas of decay in that area. If you need an alternative same-day treatment, one of our ceramic CEREC dental crowns may offer the best solution.

Smile with Confidence

Are chips, gaps, or irregular stains interfering with your self-confidence? Erase your smile’s flaws in just one day with straightforward cosmetic bonding in Philadelphia. When your teeth look healthy and symmetrical, you’ll be more inclined to show them off throughout the day.

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