Pain-Free Dentistry

Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentist Richard Eidelson, DDS, FAGDWhat if getting rid of dental problems was pain-free? Seems like a dream, right? Well, it’s actually a living reality! Say goodbye to the days when you have to take the pain in order to get your teeth fixed. Now you must be wondering how that is possible. It took years of study and research for dentists to come up with a solution that does not hurt patients at all. We, at Dr. Eidelson’s, regarded as one of the best dental care in Philadelphia, have adopted the technique of pain-free dentistry to make our patients feel comfortable with dentistry. Now you must be wondering that how do we do that. Well, we make use of a technique called the Wand which is a representative for syringes and needles used in giving the anesthetic to the patients. But how does this technique really work? If no syringes and needles are used, then how anesthetics are given to the patients? Do not worry as we will be answering all your questions.

The Wand- How Does It Work?

So, let’s get enlightened with the entire working process of the Wand. The idea behind the technology is to give patients painless anesthesia. The Wand makes use of a foot control which is used as an operator. The apparatus includes a tube and an injector tip. The tube is used to deliver the local anesthetic. The Wand ensures that virtually painless single tooth anesthesia that is given to the patient with no collateral numbness. Since it is a computer-regulated device, it oversees exit pressure in order to make sure that the optimal needle position is maintained. Not only this, the Wand is so smart that it controls the pressure and the flow rate of the anesthesia while it is injected. The device is also enabled with the audio and video feedback for accurately identifying the Intraligamentary tissue.

Benefits of the Wand

Now that it is understood what actually the Wand is and how does it really work, it’s time to get apprised with some of its most impressive benefits.

  • Remarkably more comfortable than the syringe.
  • Pain-free dentistry, so the patients do not have to go through the anxiety of getting a dental treatment.
  • Patients can say goodbye to numbness and go straight back to work.
  • The results are much better in comparison to syringes, hence greater satisfaction.

Say Goodbye To All Your Dental Problems With Pain Free Dentistry

If you have been struggling with a lost crown or a broken denture, then do not fear of visiting a dentist as the Wand is here to the rescue. And you won’t be able to find a better option that Dr. Richard Eidelson who is regarded as a leading dental surgeon in Philadelphia. At Dr. Eidelson, we provide you with the latest technologies and the best dental care in Philadelphia. Understanding the anxiety level patients go through, we make use of the Wand to provide them with a pain free dental experience. It’s not only kids who are scared of dentists but even grownups do not like to get under the syringe. Understanding the same, we have espoused the Wand technology and thus aim to proffer our patients with painless dentistry. Struggling with dental problems?Visit us today for a pain free dental experience!


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