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Dr. Richard Eidelson Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

5 star review 5/ 5 stars

Excellent, friendly dentist and staff. Dr. Eidelson is a cool, brainy dentist who knows his stuff and proudly uses the latest technologies. His supporting staff is excellent, friendly, and makes sure the patient's dental care comes first.

5 star review 5/ 5 stars

The cleanliness of the office is close to immaculate, the coffee is freshly brewed (and free), and everyone is friendly

5 star review5/ 5 stars

I had my teeth whitened at ismile and it was really fast and painless. I am sooo sick of the home teeth whitening strips they are expensive and don't work half as good as the pro zoom whitening. I recommend this dentist.

5 star review5/ 5 stars

I've been a patient of Dr. Eidelson's for five years now, during which I've had 4 implants and a bridge, periodontal cleaning, and am in the process of having another bridge made. All of the work done so far has been excellent and problem free. There was minimal discomfort and I've been able to afford the treatment without overextending my finances. I will continue to be a patient here for as long as need dental care. The staff is wonderful and Dr Eidelson is extremely competent. Give them a try!

5 star review5/ 5 stars
had originally contacted Dr. Eidelson because I had an extremely painful toothache and because he is one of the best dentists in Philadelphia. Much to my relief, he was very accommodating and was able to see me first thing in the morning. I get very anxious when I have to go the dentist. Dr. Eidelson and his staff were very patient with me, and were able to calm me down and fix my problem with NO PAIN at all. I was always afraid of going to the dentist, but not anymore. Dr. Eidelson works with you and whatever your situation is and makes sure that your care isn't compromised

on 2015-03-11
5 star review5/ 5 stars
My implant does not have any problem since six years from now.

on 2014-06-25
5 star review5/ 5 stars
Pain free exam. Clean and modern office with latest technology. Office staff are courteous and efficient. Convenient location for anyone living or working in center city.

Steve K. on 2014-12-08
5 star review5/ 5 stars
The best dentist in the world.

on 2014-08-01
5 star review5/ 5 stars
The staff was courteous and kind in all aspects. I was almost immediatly greated by a graceous and engaging Dr. Eidelson in the waiting room. I was here for a consultation and it was my 1st visit. The office was clean and tastfully decorated. After a 15 minute consultation in which Dr. Eidelson discussed my reasons for being there,I was convinced I had come to the right place and agreed to have my tooth shaped and recrowned as the Dr. had suggested. Now maybe it was a slow day but, I was given a written plan including costs,(I do not have any insurance so I was paying for this work from my own pocket) as to what would be done to my tooth. I agreed to the plan and we went forward to the molds being taken, novacane, shaping of existing tooth ,a mold taken for the new Crown,and a temporary crown installed. I was in the office 4 hours and out the door, ready for a return visit in a couple of weeks to have the permanate crown installed. The only thing I really didn't like was that since I was unexpectedly in the office for 4 hours, upon returning for my car, I had a 36$ ticket for parking beyond the 2 hour time limit. Good Dr. Good service.

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