Dental Crowns & Bridges

Lifelike Dental Crowns in an Hour, Thanks to 3D Imaging!

cerec 3-d imaging For the beginners let us tell you what exactly are dental crowns? Well, it is a cap of the shape of your tooth that is positioned over your flawed tooth in order to improve its appearance, strength, size and shape. The right kind of crowing would be the one where your entire affected tooth is covered with the cap and we, at Dr. Richard Eidelson, make sure that we do the job in such a way that it looks and feels natural. Maybe that is why we are known as the best dentist in Philadelphia.

Different Types of Crowns that we Offer

If you want to get permanent crowns then our cosmetic dentist Philadelphia has all ceramic, all resin, porcelain-fused-to-metal, all-metal, and stainless steel to provide you with. Here is the detailed description.

  • Stainless Steel : These crowns are the ones that are prefabricated in order to be primarily used on your tooth as a temporary measure. While the crown is made of some other material, this one simply protects your tooth and the filling.
  • Metals : When it comes to wearing down of dental crowns and bridges, metals are probably the best. They are sturdy and withstand any kind of chewing or biting forces.
  • Porcelain Crowns : Unlike the metallic ones, the crowns made of porcelain-fused-to-metal can be color matched and made just like your adjacent teeth.
  • All-Resin : If compared to other types of crowns, this one is the most cost-effective one. But, there are two drawbacks, firstly they wear down gradually and secondly, they have higher chances of fracture.
  • All-Porcelain or All-Ceramic :This one provides you with better natural color of the teeth as compared to all of the others.


Dental bridges is a procedure where the gap between two teeth because of one or more missing teeth is bridged. And we, the best dental care in Philadelphia, make sure that we do it with perfection because we know that teeth can make or break the entire look of yours.

A bridge is, ideally, made up of two crowns on both the sides of the gap and a fake tooth or teeth in between them. The two crowns are called the abutment teeth and the tooth in the middle is called pontic.

Benefits of Getting Dental Bridges Done from the Best Dentist in Philadelphia

Here is a list of benefits that you get if you choose to pick us.

  • Prevents your flawless teeth from getting damaged
  • Maintains your face’s shape
  • Restores your abilities of proper, speaking, biting and chewing.
  • Restores your smile.

Types of Dental Bridges That we do Scroll down to know what all the best oral surgeon in Philadelphia, Dr. Richard Eidelson, has to offer to you.

  • Maryland Bonded Bridges : AKA Maryland Bridge or resin-bonded bridge are often made of porcelain, metal or resin wings which is usually on one side of the dental bridge is bonded to the existing teeth of yours.
  • Cantilever Bridges : This one is used only when there is an adjacent tooth or teeth on one side of the missing tooth. But, this is not much recommended because it puts a lot of force on the rest of the teeth and might damage them as well.
  • Traditional Bridges : It is the traditional way of dental bridging where crowns and pontics to do so.

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