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Gum diseases have become a very common thing, but thanks to the Emergency Dentist Philadelphia Dr Richard Eidelson, it is no longer an issue to be really worried about. It ranges from a simple inflammation of the gum to a serious disease that can spoil your tooth, the soft tissues and the bone supporting it. It depends a great deal, on your way of taking care of your teeth every day as to how severe your case can be so, before going to the dentist, start taking care of your gums and teeth right away.

Reason Behind Gum Diseases

In our mouth, we have a lot of bacteria and when that bacteria come together with mucus and saliva, it forms a colorless and sticky layer on our teeth which is called ‘plaque'. Usually, you can get rid of the plaque through brushing your teeth at least twice a day. But the plaque that your toothbrush fails to remove becomes hard and that form of the plaque is known to be ‘tartar'. This cannot be removed by your toothbrush and its then you will need the best oral surgeon in Philadelphia.


The more you let the tartar and plaque to stay on your teeth, the more they will harmful they will be for your teeth. This condition may also cause ‘gingivitis', a situation where your gums become swollen and can bleed easily. This gum disease is certainly not severe and can be reversed by regular flossing, brushing and regular cleaning by your dentist. This kind of disease doesn't hurt the tissues and bones of your teeth.


Periodontitis, which is inflammation around teeth, is the advanced stage of gingivitis. In this gum disease, gums create spaces between it and the teeth which are called pockets. These pockets are infected and are responsible for damaging the soft tissues, bones and, at times, the entire teeth. At times, the tooth gets entirely ruined and causes a lot of pain, in that case, visit the emergency dental care Philadelphia.

Risk Factors

Given below is a list of risk factors that cause gum diseases in your mouth.

  • Genetic SusceptibilitySome people get gum diseases more than others, thanks to their genes.
  • MedicationsSome medications make you prone to gum diseases as medicines dry up the saliva and in that case, your mouth can get a lot of infections, gum diseases being one of them.
  • Illnesses and Treatments Diseases like cancer or AIDS and their treatment can have a very bad impact on our mouth, especially the teeth and gums.
  • DiabetesThose who have diabetes have a higher risk of developing gum diseases than anybody else.
  • Hormonal Changes in FemalesThe constant changes in the body of girls and women bring changes in their mouth as well by making the gums more sensitive than ever as a result of which you can develop gingivitis.
  • SmokingSmoking is not just bad for your health, but the health of your mouth too. It can worsen the situation of your mouth and can even interfere with the ongoing treatment of your mouth.

Gum disease treatment in Philadelphia is made easy, thanks to Dr. Richard Eidelson. So, make a move right now and visit us or give us a call.

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